President Lincoln: A Reminder of Strength

This past Monday, Feb 15, Americans got the day off in order to celebrate our presidents.

I began to wonder: who is my favorite president?

The answer would be Abraham Lincoln.

I know that answer seems so cliche. Who doesn’t like Abraham Lincoln? He showed great leadership in a very difficult time in American history. He led the way for great cultural change in the country.

Yes, I admire that but my reason for really looking up to him is more personal.

Lincoln is believed to have had depression.

He battled depression while the country was fighting itself and countless people looked for him for strength.

Depression is not a disease that just causes people to feel sad. It is a disease which makes getting out of bed extremely difficult. It is a disease that brings people into a very dark place in which many think they will never survive. It is a disease that changes your life. President Lincoln was battling this unforgiving disease and he was expected to be super human.

He was struggling personally and the country was struggling to stay together. But when people think of President Lincoln they do not think of a man who struggled. They think of a man who was strong in a time of chaos and who overcame.

I would love to visit where he was born, where he grew up and other locations that played a part in Lincoln’s life. All helped shape the man he would become.

I have been to the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC. It is a beautiful memorial and offers a great place to take a moment to reflect. I recommend visiting if you are in the  Washington DC area.

It is the personal strength of Lincoln that I admire most. When things get tough Lincoln serves as a reminder that I can be a strong person. Everyone can be a strong person.